Magic is the process by which natural forces/energies are harnessed to bring about change. This is achieved by having strict ethical, sustainable and moral relationship with the natural world, the spirit realm and guardians thereof. These energies should not be manipulated but worked with to understand better and to smooth the current flow of a situation, obstacle or stagnation. Spell craft is the common understanding of such work, but alas, this has developed a host of misunderstandings. The magical work that Rob undertakes for folk is to ease tensions, remove blockages, and assist with protection and unwanted energies/spirits as well as geo-pathic stress (working with the energies within the land or building that may be causing harm, dysfunction or illness). Certain preparations are crafted by Rob to help situations such as traditional Witch bottles, Pouches, Brews, Talismans, Prayers and Charms, as well as Incenses, Powders, Flower essences and Herbal preparations.

Magical Talismans being consecrated

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