Celebrant Services

Rob has a wealth of experience in creating bespoke rituals and ceremonies to mark life's journeys.
Rob has performed many rites, from birth, to puberty, to marriage, to memorial and funeral rites. Also elder hood rites for both men and women and rites of parting between two people who once committed their love to each other. 

Each rite is gentle and carefully created for the individuals concerned, to ensure that it is meaningful, spiritual and marks the occasion in a way that is moving, deep and profound. Rob conduct rites and rituals for both, the Pagan and non-Pagan community, in a variety of locations throughout Britain and Europe. When he creates a rite of passage for someone or a couple, it is not just on the actual day that he will work with you. He would arrange to meet you at least once to create a rite that is meaningful and right for you. Rob will stay in constant contact with you up to and sometimes even after the rite, offering guidance, and support about the rite of passage you are going through.


£175 plus Expenses for travel, sundries and any relevant accommodation if necessary

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