The Story & History

The Story & History
Rob has ran a Druid Grove, off and on, for nearly 30 years. Originally, working within the British Druid Order he created the North-West Kent Grove, this evolved into the Greenwood Grove, which then poured its energies into supporting the Druid Network. The Greenwood grove can to a natural end and the born out of the ashes was Roharn's Grove, some eighteen moths later. Roharn's Grove was Rob last grove in Kent, before moving to the English Lake District in 2019. Roharn's Grove continued for few months, then that to came to natural end, which was inevitable due to Rob's departure.

Rob had been in the Lake District less than a year and his yearning to meet and celebrate the festivals and have a grove community to work within starting to surface, he missed his tribe! He hurriedly put together the concept of a new group but struggled to manifest it, even though there were one or two people interested in joining such a group. In the end Rob listened to the signals and pull back from the idea of forming a group, now was time to spend connecting physically, emotionally and spiritual to this new land. The pandemic helped, as he couldn't have met up with folk even if he wanted.

Then at Imbolc 2021, something was stirring, a new grove vision began to emerge. The tale, tale signs that this was spirit lead rather than rational thought process of 'Let create a group'. The image that came as a vision is now the grove logo.

Buzzard feather - The buzzard signs of the wild land and the freedom of spirit
Tree branch - The Rowan, tree of the lakes and mountains, tree of protections, magic and mystery
Stone - An ogham stone, the bones of the earth etched with the symbols of ancestral wisdom
Bone - The bones of our ancestors, their physical presence we still see in the landscape today

The grove was spiritually and magically manifested at the Spring Equinox 2021, with Rob alone, and now is open to those who feel a calling to this particular way of working, with Druidry and the animistic relationship with the wild land.

As a new Grove it will take time to develop and evolve, but the vision is that it will be a meeting place of like minded folk. The Woodspirit Grove is a Pagan circle that holds a magic, a space that is sure and established, to allow its members express themselves, taking the time to honour, witness and release into the tides of change of the seasons and our life journeys. The support of the grove is felt, being certain and strong held by the guardian spirit that holds its energy within the heart of the woods, the bark and root of tree, the stone within our magical temple and the bones of our ancestors. Each member expresses their own individuality, their own expression of their paganism, journey and lives, yet holds the grove as a deep well of inspiration and a foundation to their spiritual practice, from which they can deeply drink and find their true connection to the guardian of the grove.