A little History of Rob's Spiritual Journey

East London

As a young Lad growing up in the East End of London, Rob found it difficult to ‘fit-in’ and conform to the community around him. Being very much a loner, he had very few friends who truly understood him, his school days didn’t hold any happy memories, yet his childhood life at home was the best, with his parents supporting Rob on his decisions and interests and giving him the freedom to explore and grow.

Knatts Valley Kent

The most memorable days of his youth are those when he spent time in the English Countryside, with his family; either in the hidden Kentish countryside, Knatts Valley, and his Gypsy friends or the many camping trips to Cornwall, Norfolk, and Kent. It was the time spent in Knatts Valley that, with hindsight, his animist craft began to form. Helping an elderly lady who was simply known as “Joan” to look after her garden, she taught him about the properties of plants, the countryside and how everything had an essence/spirit.

College Years

It was not until he left school and went to college and found a real freedom of thought, that he discovered the Pagan Federation, and Likeminded folk of the London Pagan and Occult scene. It was during this time he was initiated into a Coven, studied Shamanism, Druidry and Traditional Witchcraft. He started reading Tarot, drawing up and interpreting Astrological Birth charts at college to earn some extra money.

Move to the Countryside

In the early 1990’s Rob’s parents bought a house in Vigo (the village in the woods), Kent, moving the family to countryside they all loved so dearly. It was during this time of great change that Rob found himself in a deep depressive state and relied on his spirituality to carry him through those dark days. He found the Coldrum Stones, Neolithic Long Barrow, not far away at the foot of the North Downs. His daily visits here, helped him to heal himself, develop his spirituality and started working at Trosley Country Park.

Solitary Practice comes to an end

He joined the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in 1994 and started the relatively new correspondence course in Druidry. He also joined a new working group “Rhiannon’s Wheel”, which he ended being initiated into and running with Traditional Witch, Margaret Pearson.

Not long after moving to Kent, he took up the challenge to volunteer as the Pagan Federation's regional coordinator for Kent. He established the reweaving of the Pagan community of the county, offering open rituals, rites of passage, talks, walks and pub moots.

The British Druid Order

After a few years as regional coordinator, Rob decided that the time was right to pour his energies; time and commitment into forming a Grove and resigned from his duties with the Pagan Federation. This Grove was to be founded on the principles and ethos of the earthy, raw, vital Animism he worked with on a solitary basis. Margaret encouraged Rob to meet Bobcat and Greywolf, of the British Druid Order at the Pagan Federation Conference in London. Rob spoke with with them both and immediately connected to their style of Druidry.  The Northwest Kent Grove was born and affiliated to the British Druid Order. At the same time, his love for sharing and deeply exploring this path led him to form Woodspirit, offering outdoor workshops, walks and talks.