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About ~ Rob Wilson

For the past 30 years Rob has explored the pre-Christian spirituality of the isles of Britain.  Practicing and being initiated into Druidry, Witchcraft (Wicca & Traditional Craft), Spiritualism, Animism and Shamanism. Today he shares his spiritual experience with his tribe and community to help bring people in close relationship to the natural world, the wild land and the hidden spiritual forces and allies that dwell there. Through developing this sacred relationship with nature, he believes we are more likely to persevere and protect her; who in return shares with us a magic, inspiration, healing and awaked ancestral memories. 

As a teacher, healer, writer and spiritual guide he brings this ancient wisdom for a modern day world to life and share that passion with all those who are ready, willing and able to walk the paths of the old ways, in a new way.  He works to rekindle our connection to the wisdom and magic that is inherent in the land and natural world, to honour the old gods, our ancestors, the very sovereignty of the land. Through this work he believes that great positive change can be channeled to our worlds.

Rob is a member of;
Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
The British Druid Order
The Druid Network
Order of the Yew
Wildcraft Tribe

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