Reading List

Here is a list of Books I have used on my Nature of Water Journey, either for research, inspiration or guidance

  • PAGAN BRITAIN, Ronald Hutton, Yale University Press, 2013
  • THE NAKED HERMIT; A journey to heart of Celtic Britain, Nick Mayhew-Smith, S.P.C.K, 2019
  • INTO THE FOREST; How trees can help you find Health and Happiness, Dr Qing Li, Penguin Life, 2019
  • ELEMENTS OF THE GODDESS, Catlin Matthews, Element books, 1993
  • THE HISTORY AND ORIGINS OF DRUIDISM, Lewis Spence, Rider & Co., 1949
  • SPIRITS OF THE SACRED GROVE, Emma Restall-Orr, Thorsons, 1998
  • LIVING DRUIDRY; Magical spirituality for the wild soul, Emma Restall-Orr, Piatkus, 2004
  • LIVING WITH HONOUR; A pagan ethics, Emma Restall-Orr, O Books 2007
  • THE WAKEFUL WORLD, Animism, Mind and the Self in Nature, Emma Restall-Orr, Moon Books, 2012
  • THE DRUID WAY, Philip Carr-Gomm, Element books, 1993
  • DRUID MYSTERIES; Ancient wisdom for the 21st Century, Philip Carr-Gomm, Rider, 2002
  • THE BOOK OF ENGLISH MAGIC, Philip Carr-Gomm & Richard Heygate, John Murray 2009
  • NATURAL MAGIC; Doreen Valiente, Hale, 1975
  • NORTH STAR ROAD; Shamanism, Witchcraft & the Otherworld Journey, Llewellyn, 1996
  • APOCALYPTIC WITCHCRAFT, Peter Grey, Scarlet Imprint, 2013
  • LATE QUATERNARY ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE; Physical and human perspective, Martin Bell & Michael J C Walker, Longman 1996
  • THE NEOLITHIC REVOLUTION, Sonia Cole, British Museum, 1970