Ogham Readings

Let the ancient wisdom of our native Trees shed some light, inspiration, answers or guidance to your problems, issues and questions. This ancient method of divination and guidance has proven to be beneficial into seeing the patterns and currents of energy within a particular situation, issue or life path journey; letting the tree be your guide you literally do see the wood for the trees!

Divination is the art of reading patterns and signs to see how the currents of energy flow in light of a question or situation. Rob conducts his readings using the Celtic Tree Oracle, the Ogham. The Celtic Tree Ogham is a whole forest of associations for each of Britain’s native trees. Used as a card deck or wooden staves, Rob can help you to explore further and deeper, gaining a better understanding of a current situation, question or life path dilemma. The aim is not to predict the future but to see where the web of energy in its current flow is leading and how we can make the subtle changes in that flow or gain much more clarity or inspiration about the issue.


Ogham Reading £25 per reading

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