What is a Gorsedd?

A Gorsedd is a open, public ritual within the modern Druid Tradition. It is open to everyone to come and share with a community of like-minded people, the changing tides of the seasons. The ritual that we use is based on the Gorsedd Rite of the British Druid Order, first used at Avebury in the 1990's.
A Gorsedd is a gathering of Bards, that literally translates to 'High Seat', referring to the prehistoric mounds and high sacred places that were tribal gatherings, assemblies and the inauguration of kings and queens.
The Birkrigg Gorsedd will be inaugurated at the Spring Equinox 2023. Its an opportunity for the spiritual community to come together and share in an open ritual for the solstices and equinoxes. They are multifaith gatherings, open to all paths, faiths and traditions, and those of none. Within the Gorsedd circle, we celebrate the changing tides of the seasons, mark rites of passage and make personal dedications to the spirits of place.

We ask that, if you do attend, you bring a biodegradable offering to the guardian spirits of this place. There will also be a call for volunteers to take part such as calling the four directions/quarters, honoring the ancestors and to share some creativity during the Eisteddfod through poetry, song or story.

We gather at 12noon, on the nearest weekend (dates can be found here) to the Equinoxes and Solstices, after a short welcome talk a procession will be led to the stone circle, and the ritual will begin.

The Gorsedd of Bards of Birkrigg Stone Circle

The ceremony includes the offer for people to receive initiation into the Gorsedd of Bards of Birkrigg. Initiation in the Gorseddu, seeded by the Birkrigg Gorsedd, offers an opportunity to dedicate to the spirit of place, the community of bards and kindred spirit. It is free and open to all who wish to receive it, welcoming followers of all spiritual traditions within one circle. In offering this initiation, we ask that you make a personal commitment to walk the path of the bard in beauty and in peace using what inspiration you may gain to find your own spirit’s true path of creative expression and using your creativity for the benefit of your community and of the Earth.

The Gorsedd Tribe

The Brikrigg Gorsedd is facilitated by the founders of the Wildcraft Grove, if you interested in taking a more active role in the Gorsedd ceremonies then please do get in touch, email us

Rob Wilson

For the last 30 years, Rob has explored the Pagan heritage of Britain. Expressing his deep, raw, rich, vital Pagan spirituality mainly through Druidry. Being exposed to teachers of various Pagan traditions such as Druidry, Witchcraft, Shamanism and Spiritualism, Today Rob lives in the English Lake District National Park in the UK and shares his teaching through workshops and courses, offers his services to his community and beyond and is also an Indie Shaman Ethical Practitioner.

Rob is member of the British Druid Order, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids and the Druid Network, Order of the Yew.

Rob also founded the Kent Gorsedd in 1996 and facilitated its rituals until 2018, when he then relocated to Cumbria.


Tony Rigby

Three years ago, Tony immersed himself in the transformative Wildcraft Dreaming Course and soon became a founding member of the Wildcraft Grove. Currently, he is furthering his knowledge as an apprentice under the guidance of Rob, actively assisting in running the Wildcraft Dreaming sessions and completing the Wildcraft Weaving. Tony's spiritual journey is deeply intertwined with his profound connection to the natural world, ancestors, and ancient deities. Drawing from a diverse background of rituals and ceremonies, he seamlessly weaves these experiences into his present-day practices, fostering openness and a sense of community within the Wildcraft Grove.

Beyond his spiritual pursuits, Tony shares his passion for natural history, adventure, and exploration with his family, creating a harmonious blend of familial connections and ecological values. Rooted in the ways of the countryside, Tony finds solace and inspiration in the simplicity and beauty of rural life, shaping his holistic approach to both spirituality and family life within the embrace of nature.


Callum Edwards

Callum has followed a Druid path or the last 14 years, very much self-exploration and hedgecraft. Three years ago, Callum attended the Wildcraft Dreaming Course and joined the Wildcraft Grove as a founder member. Callum is also an apprentice to Rob.

Callum has a call to service; to defend and protect our land and spiritual heritage, where he blends his academic study of conservation & forestry with martial arts, to bring peace, deep connection, and protection to the natural world.

Callum is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and the Wildcraft Grove.