Water Bathing Ritual

For all to reclaim the spiritual experience of bathing in natural water ways

The Ritual

Through my direct experience of being called by the water spirits to enter the water an bathe, I crafted this ritual to help me to develop a solitary practice that over time builds its own quality of energy to honour the spirits of the water, the wild land and indeed ourselves. This ritual is crafted within an Animistic, Pagan Druid format, but could easily be adapted for those of other traditions, faiths and those of none. I practice this ritual naked and feel this is the most primal and sacred way of working with this ritual. However I am aware that this isn't to everybody's accessibility, therefore  I would suggest the minimal amount of clothing, like loose cotton shorts or smock. Choose a time and location where you will be undisturbed and ensure your safety at all times. Bodies of wild water can be deceptive and we are able to drown in just few centimetres of water, so treat them with respect and use common sense. At the end of the ritual I offer some note to explain each aspect, I feel its important that folk understand reason why, certain actions are being completed, in this instance, to give a better understanding of the process of the ritual. 
Rob Wilson ~ Woodspirit