To ensure our courses can be enjoyed by everyone

When booking onto the Wildcraft courses you are asked on the booking form to agree to the following code of conduct:

We honour you as an individual coming to learn and explore your connection to Nature, the Old Gods and the myth, magic and spiritual heritage of this land. While this will be a safe and nurturing environment, this isn't therapy and you must disclose any medical conditions that may impede you journey through the course. You also need to own your issues, and seek help outside of this course to address them. When working this way issues can arise to the surface, and you will be supported and guided where necessary as well as be advise to seek professional help.

We ask that you come to this course with respect. Respect for each other, for Nature & the Land. We leave politics at the door but respect everyone view point, for we can never fully the understand the other persons journey. There is no discrimination on race, gender, sexuality or tradition. All are welcome! We ask that you respect each others boundaries - those of the venue owners, the land, nature and the teachers. You have booked on this course to learn, therefore work with the teacher who will gently guide and lead you through a magical exploration.

We ask that you come in beauty! An open heart and open mind. You come here to honour the earth, the spirits that dwell here and the land, ancestors and the old gods. We ask that you fully participate in the course as we come together to create a community of like minded people that is confidential, secure and nurturing for the beauty of your wild soul to shine forth once more.