Druid Grove faciliated by Rob that meets for the eight seasonal festival in Cumbria, UK

This is the magical, celebratory and devotional heart of Woodspirit. A group of likeminded folk who gather around the hearth to celebrate the changing cycles of Earth's seasons, the strength of tribe, the magic and wisdom of the wildland and all who dwell there. 

About the Group

The grove is the deep magical heart of woodspirit, a group of like minded folk who come together to celebrate the changing seasons, to develop a connection to the old gods, to honour the Ancestors and weave the magical threads to heal, empower, inspire and to gain wisdom.

In this Grove you find the expression of Druidry that is woven from the experiences of Rob's journey through Druidry, Shamanism and Animism.

Based in Cumbria, within the Lake District National Park, the grove meets for the eight seasonal cycles of the year facilitated by Rob Wilson. It is a community of individuals who come together to share their Druid, pagan spirituality; a religious gathering of folk who find the strength of the community and source of inspiration to express the tides of change in their journeys and the natural world around them.

The Vision and Ethos

We meet for the seasonal festivals as well as the solstices and equinoxes. With Nature as our teacher we look to find that deeper connection to the land, the spirits that dwell there, the old gods and the ancestral stories.

Wildcraft Grove is a Druid, Pagan circle that holds a magic, a space that is sure and established, to allow its members express themselves, taking the time to honour, witness and release into the tides of change of the seasons and our life journeys. The support of the grove is felt, being certain and strongly held by the guardian spirit that holds its energy within the heart of the woods, the bark and root of tree, the fire that burns within our magical temple. Each member expresses their own individuality, their own expression of their paganism, journey and lives, yet holds the grove as a deep well of inspiration and a foundation to their spiritual practice, from which they can deeply drink and find their true connection to the guardian of the Grove.

Becoming a Member

This grove is open to new folk who are seeking the commitment and empowerment to become part of the tribe of the Wildcraft Grove.

Membership to the Grove is not automatic! You need to ask and state your intention for joining. This may require us to meet with you first, if you are not known to the group. If it feels right, you will be invited to a Grove gathering, after which you will be contacted to see how you felt about the group and also how we felt about you within the circle. Joining the Grove requires commitment. As all we do within the Grove is based on sacred relationship, honour and respect, so joining makes us put that into practice.

We are not a fully open grove and members are expected not to simply be spectators. Everyone has a role to play within the gatherings and adds something into the cauldron above the Grove that inspires us all. We are open to Druids from different orders or groups, those who seek a spiritual expression through the earth based tradition, rooted in this wildland, folklore, magic and spirits that dwell there.

Being a member requires dedication and commitment to attend the gatherings. Therefore we ask that people who join take responsibility for themselves and their well-being. For this grove is not therapy and while support and healing is offered when asked for, this isn't the primary focus of this grove. 

If you are interested in joining after all you have read, then please do contact Rob via email first