Wildcraft Weaving - Advance Course

A two year advance course to explore the in-depth practices of pagan, animistic, shamanic practices rooted in the British isles. Developing and deepening a connection with the natural world, the ancestors, spirits, the gods and indeed yourself. Exploring and understanding techniques, guidance and ceremonies to enhance that connection and surrender to the forces of nature. This course leads to an initiation into Wildcraft  Tribe.

The Course

This course is for those who have completed the introductory Wildcraft Dreaming Course and are looking to fully immerse themselves into a spiritual journey that is rooted in the land over two years. Drawing upon Druid, Animist, Pagan and Shamanic traditions and techniques, this advance course course will give you a deeper and richer understanding and experiential knowledge of our native spiritual heritage that is inherent in the land, the isles of Britain. Exploring a spiritual path that awakens within you and hearing the songs within the Land, the gods and the ancestors. Weaving the energy and magic of intention to heal, inspire and renew.

Course Structure

The course is run over two years as is blended learning. This equates to:

  • Two compulsory residential weekends each year (Spring and Lat Summer/Early Autumn, four in total) - Thursdays to Mondays
  • Bi-monthly online group sessions
  • Bi-monthly mentoring sessions 
  • Two face to face 1 to 1 sessions with Rob (one in the first year and 1 in the second year)
There will also be admission to a Private Facebook Page for the group and a 20% discount on any workshops Rob runs throughout your two years.

You will be required to complete work between meetings and have tasks that will need to be completed by set deadlines.

The Syllabus

In no particular order topics covered will be:

  • Dedication ceremony
  • Further developing of  an Animistic practices
  • Seasonal Cycle and its folklore, mysteries and magic
  • Dreaming, Journeying and meditating
  • Ceremonies, Rites and Rituals - Rites of Passage
  • Deeper into The Otherworld
  • Liminal Spaces, Thresholds and Sacred Sites - including some visits to sacred sites
  • Deeper connection to Spirits & Deities
  • Myth and Legends of these Isles
  • Deeper connection to the Ancestors
  • Using the Three Cauldrons
  • Incubation of Dreams - The Celtic 'Vision Quest'
  • Plant Spirit Dreaming & Saining 
  • Ogham - Wisdom of the trees & Divination
  • Initiation of the elements 
  • Devotion and daily practice
  • Wayfaring & Pilgrimage - The 'Medicine Walk'
  • Bone Singing
  • Embodied Nature Immersion
  • Sweathouse ritual
  • Natural Magic
  • Initiation

Dates for course

Commences Thursday 18 April 2024 


Completion of the Wildcraft Dreaming Course, Open heart, willingness to learn, interest in Druidry, Witchcraft, Shamanism or Animism, Ability to resolve your own personal issues (this isn’t therapy) and willingness to adhere to a code of conduct.


  • Initiate of Wildcraft Tribe
  • Potential to become a Mentor for the course in subsequent years and help out at residentials
  • Potential to take a leading role in the Wildcraft Grove

Booking & Cost

Booking is essential! Places are limited to a maximum of 10 people.

The cost includes all teaching, mentoring, camping pitch and facilities and use of venue during residential weekend and materials for crafting tools.

£1,120 per person

£120 deposit non-refundable is needed once your booking is confirmed and then you can pay in full 2 weeks before the start of the course or sign up to a payment plan (see here for details)

Frequently asked questions

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